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Express Yourself With a Printed T-Shirt

Utilize our direct-to-film printing services in Twin Falls, ID

Are you getting bored with plain shirts? Elite Embroidery is here to bring some color into your life. We offer direct-to-film printing, or DTF, for any cotton or polyester blend fabrics. If you can't find any tops that speak to you, we have multiple designs in our online shop. Or, you can send us a custom design for us to print. Rely on experienced professionals for all your t-shirt film printing needs in Twin Falls, ID.

Browse our online shop or call us now at 208-738-5002 to ask about our film printing options.


Vibrant colors to enhance your style

Direct-to-film printing allows for any color under the sun to be printed onto the clothing or item of your choice. Anything from Canvas to Temporary Tattoos. Between the different hues and shades to choose from, you won't want to select any other printing option. DTF also has the benefit of:

  • Being wash-resistant
  • Printing quickly
  • Not requiring any pretreatment
  • Wide variety of applications

Ask more about our direct-to-film printing process when you reach out to us today.